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The Art of Understanding Emotions


The main goal of this project is to improve the ability of perceiving, sharing and understanding emotions and feelings, as well as to use art as the main channel to raise awareness regarding the social reality and environment of young people and minors with mental illnesses

The Art of Understanding Emotions uses art to achieve an increased sensibility, a less discriminatory treatment and more equality and collaboration to eradicate this estigma.

RoadShow | Itinerary and Interactive Exhibition

Activities developed are artistic, innovative, participatory and seek knowledge and empathy generation, they are all part of a RoadShow (Itinerary and Interactive Exhibition) with the following structure:

  • Welcome participants! Where information about mental illness is provided to visitors.

  • Painting exhibition that portrays an amazing story. An artist with mental illness will tell their own experience at the same time that guides participants through the exhibition. 

  • Discovering the art of your place. Visitors will enjoy artistic activities developed by people and local organizations that work in the mental illness area. 

  • Space for local creation and sharing emotions. Participants are encouraged to share their feelings, emotions and things learned by reflecting on their own artwork.




This project´s scope is national, as the exhibition has been present in cities of Spain:




Ciudad Real



Project funded by:


La Fundación Probitas a través de programa SIT ( Salud, innovación y terapias) da apoyo a proyectos del ámbito nacional que tienen como objetivo mejorar la salud y la calidad de vida de los menores, jóvenes y sus familias ofreciendo servicios no cubiertos por la sanidad pública.

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