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Our phisolophy for networking 

In general terms, FSR works in network with a range of institutions that belong to mental health, employment, youth and social inclusion areas at regional, national and international level.

This networking reinforces the cooperation and collaboration to develop joint activities in the fields of social and labour inclusion, employment and mental health among others. It also establishes the best context for best practices exchange, continuous improvement and the execution of collaborative projects. 

Our network

At national level, it is part of the ISEM Network´s committee. ISEM is the Platform of Entities for the Promotion and Social Inclusion of People with Mental Illness, a group of professional entities represented in every Spanish region that intends to be a national reference in the field of mental health. 

Through ISEM, FSR is also integrated in two European networks in the field of mental health: EASPD - European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities- and MHE -Mental Health Europe-.

The FSR is also part of AESE -Supported Employment Spanish Association-, AEDIPE - People´s Management and Development Spanish Association- and ADECEM - National Association of Special Employment Centers- aimed at social initiatives focused on people with mental illness .


At regional level, FSR works in network and is an official collaborating entity of Incorpora Extremadura Group (Obra Social La Caixa), that works for the labor inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion.


FSR also collaborates with the Social-Health Care Network of Extremadura by managing  public programs aimed at social and labor inclusion of people with major mental disorders, as well as with Inserta-Empleo Extremadura by managing trainings and executing the Inclusion Program through the supported employment tool directed to young people with disabilities.


Last but not least, FSR works closely with the Government of Extremadura and its entities (regional employment and education organisms) by leading annual programs for job placement and guidance. 


At local and regional level, FSR holds a close collaboration with the municipalities, local governments, associations and employment centers located at the cities where the foundation acts.


This collaboration is also extended to all the relevant institutions acting in the youth field such as social services institute, youth council and spaces for youth creativity and development, as well as in the education and teaching fields such as center of teachers and teaching resources, teams of psychoeducational guidance and primary and secondary schools.


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