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FSR is a collaborating entity in Ítaca program, promoted by the government of Extremadura and whose main objective is to improve the employability of those who are already transitioning between educational and professional worlds, but that feel confused and without resources or any guidance.

As part of the program's scope, FSR  has trained young people (between 16 and 18 years) from the region in generic skills (social skills, self esteem, motivation, team work, creativity, conflict resolution, etc) and has helped them creating their customized paths for job placement, in order to avoid that they become long-term unemployed.

Methodology and activities

The work methodology has been focused on two intervention levels:

  1. GLOBAL: analysis on the target groups and their socio-educational and occupational reality, creation of networks and coordination, engagement and recruitment and, last, dissemination and advertisement.

  2. DIRECT: experiential learning on a close context and with a methodology that was adaptable and flexible, since most of the young participants came from less-favoured environments, characterized by a very low social participation and lack of knowledge about the available social and cultural resources. 

These are the activities executed:

  • Training sessions on generic competencies, with theoretical knowledge pills about skills that are a must for any successful life project, together with  team activities and works, videos and forums, debates, interviews, crafts, etc.

  • Complementary and practical activities, such as study visits to companies, ludic activities, professional workshops, colloquiums and meetings with other groups of interest, etc these kind of activities increase motivation  and bonding between participants and engage them to carry on with the program.

Geographical scope

The geographical scope was comprised by 14 cities from the South of Extremadura. “Action Offices” have been also established at the employment centers located in the most representative population hubs, these have been used to disseminate the program actions, as well as to engage and recruit participants.


Acción subvencionada por la Junta de Extremadura, Consejería de Educación y Empleo-SEXPE,

de acuerdo con el Decreto 50/2001, de 3 de abril.

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